HighlightBackColor Property

Specifies the background color of a Grid row when it is selected. A grid's HighlightBackColor property applies only when the grid's HighlightStyle property is set to a value greater than 0. Read/write at design and run time.

Grid.HighlightBackColor [= nColor ]


  • nColor
    Numeric data type. HighlightBackColor specifies an integer representing a single color value. Visual FoxPro derives the default color setting from the Windows operating system color setting for Selected Items. For more information about valid color values, see BackColor, ForeColor Properties.


If HighlightStyle contains a value greater than 0, Visual FoxPro defaults to displaying HighlightBackColor as a 50% lighter gradient fill. If you override the HighlightBackColor setting, Visual FoxPro does not apply any gradient effect.

For more information, see HighlightForeColor Property.

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Applies To: Grid Control | BROWSE Command