InsertCmdDataSource Property

Specifies the data source to use for the InsertCmd property. Read/write at design time and run time.

Note   The CursorAdapterInsertCmdDataSource property determines how the InsertCmdDataSource property is used.

CursorAdapter.InsertCmdDataSource [= cDataSource]

Property Values

  • cDataSource
    Character data type. The cDataSource parameter specifies the data source used by the InsertCmd property.


The following table describes behaviors that apply to InsertCmdDataSource depending on the value of InsertCmdDataSourceType.

InsertCmdDataSourceType InsertCmdDataSource behavior
Empty ("") InsertCmdDataSource is disregarded. Visual FoxPro uses the data source in the CursorAdapterDataSource property.

However, if the cursor associated with the CursorAdapter object is based on an ActiveX Data Object (ADO) RecordSet, Visual FoxPro uses the functionality of the ADO RecordSet to insert the record. To use this functionality, make sure the CursorAdapterDataSourceType property is set to "ADO".

"ADO" InsertCmdDataSource must be set to a valid ADO Command object. The ActiveConnection property of the ADO Command object must be set to a valid and open ADO Connection object.

Visual FoxPro sets the CommandText property of the ADO Command object to the value of the CursorAdapterInsertCmd property. Visual FoxPro parses the command for parameters, creates parameter values if found, and sets them in the Command object.

The insert operation occurs as:


For more information about using an ADO RecordSet, automatic updating, and generating SQL commands automatically, see Data Access Management Using CursorAdapters.

"XML" Visual FoxPro disregards the CursorAdapterDataSource property.

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Applies To: CursorAdapter Class