InteriorPointSolver.GetDualValue Method

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Returns the dual value for a row constraint.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Solvers
Assembly:  Microsoft.Solver.Foundation (in Microsoft.Solver.Foundation.dll)


Public Function GetDualValue ( _
    vidRow As Integer _
) As Rational
public Rational GetDualValue(
    int vidRow
virtual Rational GetDualValue(
    int vidRow
) sealed
abstract GetDualValue : 
        vidRow:int -> Rational 
override GetDualValue : 
        vidRow:int -> Rational 
public final function GetDualValue(
    vidRow : int
) : Rational


Return Value

Type: Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Common.Rational
Returns the dual value. If the constraint has both upper and lower bounds, two dual values are present. In this case, the dual for the active bound (if any) will be returned.
If the model has not been solved, then the result is indeterminate.



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