Visual Basic Concepts

Intrinsic Controls

The following table summarizes the intrinsic controls found in the Visual Basic toolbox.

Icon Control name Class name Description
Check box CheckBox Displays a True/False or Yes/No option. You can check any number of check boxes on a form at one time.
Combo box ComboBox Combines a text box with a list box. Allows a user to type in a selection or select an item from a drop-down list.
Command button CommandButton Carries out a command or action when a user chooses it.
Data Data Enables you to connect to an existing database and display information from it on your forms.
Directory list box DirListBox Displays and allows a user to select directories and paths.
Drive list box DriveListBox Displays and allows a user to select valid disk drives.
File list box FileListBox Displays and allows a user to select from a list of files.
Frame Frame Provides a visual and functional container for controls.

Horizontal and vertical scroll bars HScrollBar and VScrollBar Allow a user to add scroll bars to controls that do not automatically provide them. (These are not the same as the built-in scroll bars found with many controls.)
Image Image Displays bitmaps, icons, or Windows metafiles, JPEG, or GIF files; acts like a command button when clicked.
Label Label Displays text a user cannot interact with or modify.
Line Line Adds a straight-line segment to a form.
List box ListBox Displays a list of items that a user can choose from.
OLE container OLE Embeds data into a Visual Basic application.
Option button OptionButton The Option Button control, as part of an option group with other option buttons, displays multiple choices, from which a user can choose only one.
Picture box PictureBox Displays bitmaps, icons, or Windows metafiles, JPEG, or GIF files. It also displays text or acts as a visual container for other controls.
Shape Shape Adds a rectangle, square, ellipse, or circle to a form, frame, or picture box.
Text box TextBox Provides an area to enter or display text.
Timer Timer Executes timer events at specified time intervals.

*Note* The pointer tool (the first tool in the toolbox) provides a way to move and resize forms and controls. It is not a control.