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Can't load or unload this object (Error 361)

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A Load or Unload statement has referenced an invalid object or control. This error has the following causes and solutions:

  • You tried to*load or unload an object that isn't a control or form, such as *Screen, Printer, or Clipboard.

    Delete the erroneous statement from your code.

  • You tried to load or unload an existing control that isn't part of a control array. For example, assuming that a TextBox with the Name property Text1 exists, Load Text1 will cause this error.

    Delete the erroneous statement from your code or change the reference to a control in a control array.

  • You tried to*unload a *Menu control in the Click event of its parent menu.

    Unload the Menu control with some other procedure.

  • You tried to*unload the last visible menu item of a *Menu control.

    Check the setting of the Visible property for the other menu items in the control array before trying to unload a menu item or delete the erroneous statement from your code.