Visual Basic Concepts

Visual Basic and Microsoft Transaction Server

The ability to build middle-tier components — ActiveX EXEs and DLLs — is not new to Visual Basic. What's new to Version 6.0 is the ability to tailor your components to run in conjunction with Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS).

Microsoft Transaction Server is a component-based transaction processing system for developing, deploying, and managing high performance, scalable, and robust server applications. MTS defines a programming model and provides a run-time environment and graphical administration tool for managing enterprise applications.

Using the new MTSTransactionMode property of the class module, you can create components that ignore MTS, or support transactions by setting a property. When the component is not running in an MTS environment, the property is ignored.

*For More Information* For more information about MTS, see . For information about the MTSTransactionMode property, see . For information about using Visual Basic, MTS, and Microsoft Message Queue, see Visual Basic and the Microsoft Message Queue.