Creating ASP.NET Web Applications (Visual C#)

ASP.NET provides a unified Web development model that includes the services necessary for you to build enterprise-class Web applications. ASP.NET is part of the .NET Framework and enables you to take full advantage of the features of the common language runtime (CLR), such as type safety, inheritance, language interoperability, and versioning.

When you use Visual Studio to create ASP.NET Web sites, you are actually using a part of the integrated development environment (IDE) called Visual Web Developer. Visual Web Developer is distinct from Visual C#; it has its own designer to create user interfaces on Web pages and other tools for Web development and Web site administration. But when you create code-behind pages in C# for your Web controls, you are using the C# code editor, and all the features of the editor are available to you in Visual Web Developer just as they are in Visual C#.

For more information about how to create ASP.NET Web sites and Web pages, see Visual Web Developer.

The ASP.NET Developer Center on MSDN Online has many useful articles not included in the product documentation.

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