New File Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to create a new file. Files created using this dialog box are displayed in Solution Explorer under the Miscellaneous Files node.


Files created using the New File dialog box will not be added to any open projects and will not be included in solution builds. For information about adding files to projects, see How to: Add New Project Items. To access this dialog box, choose New on the File menu and then choose File.

  • Categories
    Displays categories of files from which you can choose a file template.


    If only one category exists, this dialog box contains only one frame, Templates.

  • Templates
    Displays file templates for the related file types. When you select a template or a category, a brief description of that item appears beneath the Categories frame.


    If your anti-virus software displays an alert offering to block script that the project template or wizard is running, choose not to block script otherwise Visual Studio shuts down. You can prevent this alert from showing when script is run by clearing the anti-virus software's setting for blocking script, however, changing this setting disables all script blocking, not just for Visual Studio.

    In addition to using the templates that were installed when you installed Visual Studio, you can create your own templates (for more information, see Creating Project and Item Templates) or create a project item from a downloaded template (for more information, see How to: Add Items Using Online Item Templates).

  • Large Icons
    LargeButtonsButton screenshot

    Displays large icons for items in the Templates pane.

  • Small Icons
    LittleButtonsButton screenshot

    Displays small icons for items in the Templates pane.

  • Open
    To use the Open With Dialog Box to specify an editor for the file, select the small rectangle at the right of the Open button and choose Open With.

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