Managing Document Libraries (Team System Web Access)

You can access and manage Team Foundation documents in Team System Web Access. Use Team System Web Access to create, rename, or delete document library folders and files.


When you create a document library, you can configure the library to create a new document version every time that someone edits a file.

You can also perform the following tasks in document libraries:

  • Create new sub-folders in a document library folder.

  • Upload documents to a document library folder.

  • Check documents in and out of a document library.

  • View document version history.

  • View default project documentation.

Default Document Library Folders

When a team project is created, several default project documents and libraries are created that you can access from Team System Web Access. The libraries, folders, and documents that are available depend on the process model that the project administrator has chosen for the team to use.

Team System Web Access does not provide access to your team portal home page. It provides access only to the documents that reside on the portal. For more information about default process guidance, click the Process Guidance link on the Team System Web Access Home tab to display the process guidance that was installed when your team project was created.

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