Flags for selecting syntax options.

typedef T1 syntax_option_type;
static const syntax_option_type awk, basic, collate, ECMAScript,
  egrep, extended, grep, icase, nosubs, optimize;


The type is a bitmask type that describes language specifiers and syntax modifiers to be used when compiling a regular expression. Options can be combined with |. No more than one language specifier should be used at a time.

The language specifiers are:

basic -- compile as BRE

extended -- compile as ERE

ECMAScript -- compile as ECMAScript

awk -- compile as awk

grep -- compile as grep

egrep -- compile as egrep

The syntax modifiers are:

icase -- make matches case-insensitive

nosubs -- the implementaton need not keep track of the contents of capture groups

optimize -- the implementation should emphasize speed of matching rather than speed of regular expression compilation

collate -- make matches locale-sensitive


Header: <regex>

Namespace: std::tr1

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