Database Edition

By using Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Database Edition, you can develop databases more effectively by sharing tools and best practices with other teams that use Visual Studio Team System. You can manage database change to extend your team productivity and to improve collaboration both within your database teams and between them and the rest of your organization. For the most recent information about Database Edition, see Visual Studio Team System Database Edition on the Microsoft Web site.

Common High-Level Tasks

High-Level Task

Supporting Content

Learn about new product features: If you are already familiar with older releases of Database Edition, you might be interested in the changes that this release offers. For example, this release supports SQL Server 2008 and can analyze database code for common issues around design, naming, and performance.

What's New in Database Edition

Learn about Database Edition: You can learn how to use Database Edition to manage changes to your databases. For example, you can read about how the product supports the life cycle of database development or follow a walkthrough to get hands-on experience.

Getting Started with Database Edition

Manage changes to databases and database servers: By creating a database project or server project, you can put offline representations of schema and server objects under version control. After you establish a testing baseline, you and your team can then perform iterative development tasks, build and deploy updates, and maintain deployed databases and the data that they contain.

Managing Changes to Databases and Database Servers

Extend the features of Database Edition: You can define additional types of refactoring, rules for analyzing database code, test conditions for databases, or data generators.

Extending the Features of Database Edition

Find information about managed reference types and methods: You can look up details about the namespaces, classes, methods, and properties that you can use to extend the features of Database Edition.

API Reference for Database Edition

  • Team Foundation
    Provides links to topics about an extensible team collaboration server that each member of the extended information-technology team can use to manage and track the progress and status of projects.

  • Architecture Edition
    Provides links to topics about visual designers, which architects, operations managers, and developers can use to design service-oriented solutions and validate them against their operational environments.

  • Development Edition
    Provides links to topics about advanced development tools that teams can use to analyze code, improve performance, and test functionality as they build reliable, mission-critical services and applications.

  • Test Edition
    Provides links to topics about a suite of tools that teams can use not only to create, manage, edit, and run tests but also to obtain and store test results. Several test types are integrated into Visual Studio, including unit, Web, load, and manual tests, and teams can also measure code coverage.