Tips for Moving Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Moving your Team Foundation Server installation can involve anywhere between five to thirteen steps, depending on your system and the type of move. Because of the potential complexity of moving Team Foundation Server, you should research the best type of move for your situation and thoroughly prepare for the move before you begin. You can determine the best type of move for your business needs in next section of this topic.

Identifying which Team Foundation Server move to Select

You can use this quick guide to help determine which type of move best fits your business needs. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Move Types.

To Solution
  • Improve performance
  • Support more projects

How to: Move from a Single-Server to a Dual-Server Deployment

  • Add additional hardware
  • Replace outdated hardware with new hardware

How to: Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to Another

  • Migrate Team Foundation Server (TFS) from a workgroup to a domain environment
  • Move Team Foundation Server (TFS) to a new domain

How to: Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Environment to Another

  • Increase the capacity of the data-tier server

How to: Move the Analysis Services Database to a Separate Server

How can I upgrade Team Foundation Server 2005 to Team Foundation Server 2008 on new hardware?

To upgrade one hardware configuration that is running Team Foundation Server 2005 to another hardware configuration that is running Team Foundation Server 2008 Service Pack 1, you must follow a two-step process.

Task Topic

1. Move your Team Foundation Server 2005 installation to the new hardware configuration.

How to: Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to Another

2. Upgrade Team Foundation Server 2005 on the new hardware configuration to Team Foundation Server 2008.

See "Upgrading Your Team Foundation Server" in the Team Foundation Installation Guide for Visual Studio Team System 2008

For more information about common upgrade errors, see Christian Nielsen's blog post Upgrading TFS 2005 to 2008 SP1.

Tips for a successful Team Foundation Server move

Use the following tips to help you avoid problems when moving Team Foundation Server.

Before You Begin

  • Print out the Help topic for the type of Team Foundation Server move that you want to complete in addition to any topics referenced in the topic.
  • Read through the complete topic before you begin.
    • Consider highlighting any cautions and warnings.
  • Verify that you have the required permissions set to complete the move.

During the Move

  • Read each procedure from start to finish before you begin the steps.
  • Check off steps, and then procedures, as you complete them.
  • If you experience problems, use the Team Foundation Server - Administration forum to ask questions.
  • If you find issues with the documentation, send feedback to the documentation team. (Yes, we really do view your feedback and use it to improve our content.)
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