Details of Regular Expression Behavior

The following sections detail the specific behavior you can expect from the .NET Framework regular expressions.

In This Section

  • Matching Behavior
    Provides information about the .NET Framework regular expression engine matching behavior.

  • Backtracking
    Provides information about how regular expression backtracking branches to find alternative matches.

  • Nonbacktracking Lookahead and Lookbehind
    Provides information about regular expression lookahead and lookbehind behavior.

  • Quantifiers and Empty Matches
    Explains how you can specify the minimum and maximum desired number of matches and how the regular expression engine handles empty matches.

  • Next Match After an Empty Match
    Explains how the regular expression engine advances through a string after empty matches.

  • Compilation and Reuse
    Provides information about compiling and reusing regular expressions to increase performance.

  • Thread Safety
    Provides information on regular expression thread safety and when you should synchronize access to regular expression objects.