How to: Upgrade Projects from Previous Versions of Visual C++

Projects built in Visual C++ since version 4.x can be opened and saved as projects.

When a project in the format of a previous version of Visual C++ is opened, a backup copy of the project file is made. Note that any change to the new project file will cause the old project file to become obsolete. Also, note that attempting to rename the old project file so it can be opened will cause you to lose the changes that were made to the project file created in the upgrade.

You may want or need to modify the new project:

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Upgrade Previous Visual C++ Enterprise Edition Projects

Data sources have their own project in Visual C++. You do not need a C++ project; your project can consist solely of data sources, and you can edit and debug the stored procedures within the data sources.

The data sources appear as a separate database project in Server Explorer. You can switch to Server Explorer by clicking the Server Explorer tab. When you open a project built in a previous version of Visual C++ Enterprise Edition, a database project is automatically created for the data sources. This project appears in Solution Explorer, along with the C++ project that once contained the data sources.

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