Project Types in Visual Basic Express

Visual Basic Express enables you to create several types of applications. This includes Windows Forms applications, Windows Presentation Foundation applications, console applications, and class libraries. Each application that you create is contained in its own project, and project templates are provided to help you get started.

When you create a new project, icons in the New Project dialog box and Add Project dialog box represent the available project types and their templates. The following project templates are available when you open a new project in Visual Basic Express.

Project Types

Project template

Used to create

Windows Application Template

Used to create Windows-based applications that run locally on users' computers. You can build anything from a simple single-window tool like Windows Calculator to a complete application that has multiple windows and advanced capabilities.

Class Library Template

Used to create reusable classes or components that can be shared with multiple projects.

Console Application Template

Used to create command-line applications, programs that run from a Windows command prompt and have no visual interface.

WPF Application

Used to create stand-alone Windows Presentation Foundation applications.

WPF Browser Application

Used to create browser-hosted Windows Presentation Foundation applications.


Although there is no project template for Windows control libraries, you can still create your own controls by using the Class Library template. For more information, see Visible Objects: Creating Your First User Control.

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