Evaluating System Deployment with Deployment Designer

Deployment Designer provides a designer surface for defining and validating deployment for a specific application system to a specific logical datacenter. This designer also highlights the communication benefits in the System Definition Model (SDM) that is the underlying model for Distributed System Designers. In Deployment Designer, you can define deployment for a system by binding each application in the system to a specific logical server in the logical datacenter. Once you define deployment for a system, you can validate that deployment at any time. Validating deployment for a system helps you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Confirm that all applications in the system are bound.

  • Check that applications meet the application constraints specified on the logical datacenter diagram.

  • Check that logical servers meet the hosting constraints specified on the application diagram and system diagram.

  • Evaluate constraints on zones.

  • Ensure that the required communication pathways exist and determine whether the correct communication protocols exist and are compatible between applications and host servers.

This section explains how to create a deployment diagram, bind applications to logical servers, validate deployment, create a deployment report, and resolve validation errors.

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