Team Foundation Version Control Warnings and Errors

You can locate the error message topics available for Team Foundation version control by entering the error ID into the Help index, or by clicking on the links below.

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TF10111: You must provide a name for the check-in note.

TF10113: You must provide a value for check-in note field '<field name>'.

TF10114: You must provide a name for the check-in note.

TF10115: '<check-in note name>' is too long for a check-in note name.

TF10138: The check-in policy settings for <policy definition> are corrupted.

TF10141: No files checked in: resolve the conflicts and try again.

TF10144: '<Version specification>' is not a supported version specification type.

TF10145: The version specification is not in a supported date or time format.

TF10146: The deletion id given (<deletionID>) is not a supported deletion number.

TF10195: Source control cannot branch from the root node

TF10196: Source control cannot branch to the root node

TF10198: Source control must branch into an existing team project. {0} is not a team project.

Working with Team Foundation Version Control

Administering Team Foundation Version Control