Handle Verifier

The Handle checks ensure that applications do not attempt to use invalid handles. This includes the following:

  • Ensures that handles are valid when passed to APIs that take a handle. If a NULL value or an INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE value is passed, the handle is clearly invalid and further investigation is necessary.

  • Ensures that TLS indexes passed to TLS functions are valid.

  • Ensures that APIs are not called with handles that have been closed.

Handle Verifier Stops

Following is a list of verifier stops that may occur when running the Handle verifier against a project:

Error Message

A Null Handle Has Been Used

Incorrect Object Type For Handle

Invalid Parameters Passed To A Multi-Object Wait Function

Invalid TLS Index In The Current Operation

The Current Thread Is Doing A Wait Operating On A Thread Handle In DLL Main

The Handle Used For The Current Operation is Invalid