Variations in .NET Compact Framework Versions

When developing applications for smart devices, make sure that you consider the possible variations in the installed versions of the .NET Compact Framework. For more information, see What's New in the .NET Compact Framework.

.NET Compact Framework version 1.0

  • The initial release of the Compact Framework.

.NET Compact Framework version 1.0 SP1

  • Bug fixes from version 1.0.

  • Support for Smartphone.

.NET Compact Framework version 1.0 SP2

  • Bug fixes from version 1.0 SP1.

  • Performance improvements.

  • Support for devices with landscape display modes.

  • Support for Autoscroll, automatically supporting dialogs in landscape mode.

.NET Compact Framework version 1.0 SP3

  • Bug fixes from version 1.0 SP2.

.NET Compact Framework version 2.0

Smart devices that have been upgraded to version 2.0 of the .NET Compact Frameworks will have the following features:

  • Performance improvements.

  • Support for Generic classes.

  • Support for COM interop.

  • Improved support for controls.

  • Support for Direct3D and DirectDraw for Mobile Devices.

.NET Compact Framework Version 2.0 SP1

  • Support for remotely administered devices.

  • Support for Remote Performance Monitor.

  • Command line debugger.

.NET Compact Framework Version 2.0 SP2

  • Heap dumping utility.

.NET Compact Framework Version 3.5

  • Support for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

  • Support for Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).


    LINQ to XML and LINQ to DataSet are support. LINQ to SQL is not supported.

  • Support for new runtime tools.

  • Improved support for controls.

  • Support for SoundPlayer.

  • Support for compression.

  • Debugging and logging enhancements.

  • Improved error handling.

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