Detecting and Correcting Managed Code Defects

When you install either Visual Studio Team System Development Edition or Visual Studio Team Suite, you get a code analysis tool that helps you detect and correct code defects. This section describes Code Analysis and how to use the tool to improve your managed code.

In This Section

Code Analysis for Managed Code Overview

Learn about the features of the code analysis tool.

Code Analysis Properties for Managed Code

Describes the configuration settings for code analysis.

How to: Enable and Disable Code Analysis for Managed Code

Learn to invoke code analysis tool from within the IDE.

How to: Enable and Disable Specific Managed Code Analysis Warnings

Learn to selectively enable and disable code analysis warnings.

How to: View Managed Code Defects

Describes how to view and navigate to warnings in code.

How to: Create a Work Item for Managed Code Defect

Learn to use work item tracking feature in Team Foundation.

Walkthrough: Analyzing Managed Code for Code Defects

Gain hands-on experience by performing code analysis on a managed project.

Suppress Warnings Using SuppressMessage Attribute

Learn about In Source Suppression (ISS) to suppress a warning.

Code Analysis for Managed Code Warnings

Lists and describes code analysis warnings.

Code Analysis Errors

Lists and describes code analysis tool errors.

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