Fatal Error C1060

compiler is out of heap space

The operating system or run-time library cannot fill a request for memory.

To fix this error try the following possible solutions

  1. If the compiler also issues errors C1076 and C3859, use the /Zm compiler option to lower the memory allocation limit. More heap space is available to your application if you lower the remaining memory allocation.

    If the /Zm option is already set, try removing it. Heap space might be exhausted because the memory allocation limit specified in the option is too high. The compiler uses a default limit if you remove the /Zm option.

  2. Increase the size of the Windows swap-file.

  3. Close other running programs.

  4. Eliminate unnecessary include files.

  5. Eliminate unnecessary global variables, for example, by allocating memory dynamically instead of declaring a large array.

  6. Eliminate unused declarations.

  7. Split the current file into smaller files.