Customizing, Automating, and Extending the Development Environment

You can create macros and add-in that customize the appearance and behavior of the integrated development environment (IDE). You can install macros and add-ins using Windows Installer setup files. For more information, see How to: Package Components to Use the Visual Studio Content Installer



Customizing the Development Environment

Describes how to customize the Dynamic Help window and toolbars, start other applications from the IDE, export and import settings, and personalize the IDE in other ways.

Arranging and Using Windows in Visual Studio

Describes how to re-arrange tool windows and document windows in the IDE.

Automation and Extensibility for Visual Studio

Describes how to create macros and add-ins.

Installing and Managing Visual Studio Tools and Extensions

Describes how to use Extension Manager to locate, install, and manage extensions to Visual Studio.

Accessibility Features of Visual Studio

Describes how to optimize window layouts, change the font and color of text, and other ways to customize the IDE.