Working with Datasets in N-Tier Applications

N-tier data applications are data-centric applications that are separated into multiple logical layers (or tiers). In other words, an n-tier data application is an application that is separated into multiple projects, with the data access tier, the business logic tier, and the presentation tier each in its own project. For more information, see N-Tier Data Applications Overview.

Typed datasets have been enhanced so that the TableAdapters and dataset classes can be generated into discrete projects. This provides the ability to quickly separate application layers and generate n-tier data applications.

N-tier support in typed datasets enables iterative development of the application architecture to an n-tier design and removes the requirement to manually separate the code into more than one project. Start out designing the data layer by using the Dataset Designer. When you are ready to take the application architecture to an n-tiered design, set the DataSet Project property of a dataset to generate the dataset class into a separate project.

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