Prototype-based Objects

Since JScript is an object-oriented programming language, it supports the definition of custom constructor functions and inheritance. Constructor functions (also called constructors) provide the ability to design and implement your own prototype-based objects. Inheritance allows prototype-based objects to share a common set of properties and methods that can be dynamically added or removed.

In many cases, the class-based objects should be used instead of prototype-based objects. Class-based objects can be passed to methods written in other .NET Framework languages. Furthermore, class-based objects provide type safety and produce efficient code.

In This Section

  • JScript Objects
    Includes links to topics that explain the syntax and uses of the intrinsic JScript objects.

  • Class-based Objects
    Provides a guide to using the JScript class-based object model and describes how to define classes (with methods, fields, and properties), how to define a class that inherits from another class, and how to define expando classes.

  • JScript Reference
    Lists elements that compose JScript Language Reference and links to topics that explain the details behind the proper use of language elements.