API Reference for Database Features of Visual Studio

By using the information in this section, you can extend the features of Visual Studio Premium in the following ways:

  • Create custom data generators to produce test data that meets specific needs.

  • Create custom data distributions to control the distribution of your test data.

  • Create custom conditions for database unit tests to test for specific pass-or-fail criteria.

  • Create custom refactoring types to perform additional refactoring operations on your database project.

  • Create custom refactoring contributors so that you and your team can use refactoring on additional targets in your database project.

  • Create custom rules to identify additional design, naming, or performance issues in database code.

In This Section

This section contains the following key namespaces:

This section also includes the following namespaces:

The following types support the .NET Framework infrastructure and are not intended to be used directly from your code.