Configuring Your Server Using the Team Foundation Administration Console

You can perform many of the configuration and maintenance tasks for your deployment of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server by using the administration console for Team Foundation. This console is installed by default on any server on which you install a component of Team Foundation. If all of your components are installed on a single server, the administration console provides management nodes for all components in your deployment. If, however, your deployment utilizes multiple servers, you must open the console on the server that is running the component that you want to manage.

Common Tasks



Add and manage SharePoint Web applications: You can support your team projects with resources in SharePoint Products by installing the Team Foundation Server extensions for SharePoint Products on one or more servers and adding SharePoint Web applications as resources available for team projects and team project collections.

Add a SharePoint Web Application to Your Deployment

Modify or Remove Access Between a SharePoint Web Application and Team Foundation Server

Add and manage a reporting resource: You can support your team projects with reports and reporting abilities by adding a server that is running SQL Server Reporting Services. After you add a report server to your deployment, you can configure reporting resources for your team project collections and the projects in those collections.

Add a Report Server to Your Deployment

Add virtual machines as development and testing resources: You can configure Visual Studio Lab Management to support the use of virtual machines when developing, deploying, and testing your application.

Configuring Lab Management for the First Time

How to: Change the Host Groups for Your Team Project Collections

How to: Change the Library Share for Your Team Project Collections

Organize and manage projects and their resources: You can manage your team projects more efficiently by grouping them together and assigning the same resources to them.

Organizing Your Server with Team Project Collections

Set Administrator Permissions for Team Project Collections

Collection-Level Groups

Manage Server-Level Users and Groups: You can use the default groups and permissions at the server level to manage users and their permissions in your deployment, or you can create your own custom groups.

Server-Level Groups

Set Administrator Permissions for Team Foundation Server

Monitor the servers and resources in the deployment: After you install and initially configure Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, you can monitor and change the configuration to support your development projects.

Open the Team Foundation Administration Console

Review Server Status and Settings

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