How to: Install the Required Software to Create a Video Recording Using Test Runner

Video recordings can help other team members isolate application defects that are difficult to reproduce. When you create test settings, you can include a diagnostic data adapter that will save a video recording of the desktop session during the test. You can save the video recording together with the test result or you can attach it to a bug.

To create a video recording using Test Runner on a specific computer, you must install Expression Encoder 4.0 software onto that computer. Use the following procedure to install this software.


The Expression Encoder 4.0-based video diagnostic data adapter replaces the previous Windows Media Encoder based video diagnostic data adapter. Windows Media Encoder-based video diagnostic adapter is no longer supported. If you have installed the new Expression Encoder 4.0-based video diagnostic data adapter and make new video links or video recordings and attach them to a work item bug in Microsoft Test Manager they will not function. To access them from a machine that has the Windows Media Encoder, you must install the update from the Knowledge Base article KB2160831.

To install Expression Encoder 4.0 for any operating system

  1. If you are using one of the following operating systems on the machine that you want to install the Expression Encoder 4.0-based video diagnostic data adapter on, you must have Windows Installer 3.1 or later installed:

    • Windows XP

    • Windows Vista

    • Windows Server 2003

    • Windows Server 2008


    You can verify the version of the Windows Installer by running the following command line: msiexec.exe /?

    If the version is below 3.1, you can download the latest version of Windows Installer at Windows Installer Redistributable.

  2. Download and install the Expression Encoder 4 following the instructions on the page.

  3. (Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2) If you are running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 as the operating system, you must install Desktop Experience using the Server Manager. For more information about this, see the following Microsoft Web site.


    After you install the Desktop Experience, you must restart your computer.

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