Help Command (Team Foundation Version Control)

Displays help on the command line that contains information about syntax for a Team Foundation version control command.

tf help commandname





Specifies a Team Foundation command for which to display help about the syntax.


If you do not know which command you need, type tf help for a list of all commands.

If you specify the commandname parameter, the command line displays information about the arguments and options for that command. If the system cannot find a match for the commandname, it searches for aliases and short names. If it cannot find any matching command, alias, or short name, you will get an error.

The option /? is an alias for help. If you use the /? option together with a command, the system invokes the help command and it displays information about syntax.

For more information about how to find the tf command-line utility, see Tf Command-Line Utility Commands.


The following example displays a list of the version control commands.

c:\projects>tf help

The following example displays information about syntax for the workspace command.

c:\projects>tf help workspace

The following example also displays the same information about syntax for the workspace command.

c:\projects>tf workspace /?

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