Deploying An Application to a Virtual Environment

Using Visual Studio Lab Management you can deploy your application to your virtual environment. This lets you run your tests on an environment that uses a known state for all the virtual machines in the environment. This can make it much faster to set up your environment for testing your application or to use the application.

If you want to run tests immediately after you deploy the application as part of the same workflow process, you can also do this by using Lab Management. For more information, see How to: Configure and Run Scheduled Tests After Building and Deploying Your Application.


Use the following topics to help deploy your application to your virtual environment:


Associated Topics

Deploy the latest version of your application to your virtual environment: You can create a build definition by using Team Foundation Build with the lab template that lets you create a workflow to build and deploy your application to the correct virtual machines in your virtual environment.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues when you run your build definition to deploy your application, you can refer to the troubleshooting topic for more information.

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