Microsoft.VisualStudio.GraphModel Namespace

This namespace provides the API to directed graphs.

For more information, see How to: Edit and Customize Graph Documents.


  Class Description
Public class Graph Represents a directed graph, consisting of nodes and links.
Public class GraphCategory Graph Categories are used to specify category information on a GraphObject, like nodes and links.
Public class GraphCategoryCollection
Public class GraphCommonSchema Class which defines a set of commonly used GraphProperty objects
Public class GraphDataObject This class provides IDataObject support for exchanging DGML data via the clipboard and drag/drop.
Public class GraphException
Public class GraphLink Represents a link in the directed graph
Public class GraphLinkCollection Instances of this class manage a collection of Links. Ordering is not preserved.
Public class GraphLinksUpdatedEventArgs
Public class GraphMetadata This class is used to provide more information about a GraphProperty, including localized strings and flags for controlling how the property appears in a Property Grid window.
Public class GraphNode Represents a node in the directed graph
Public class GraphNodeCollection This class provides methods for manipulating a collection of Nodes. This class does not preserve the order in which you added the nodes, so when you enumerate them you will get them back in a random order.
Public class GraphNodeId
Public class GraphNodeIdCollection
Public class GraphNodeIdConverter
Public class GraphNodeIdName
Public class GraphNodesUpdatedEventArgs
Public class GraphObject This class makes an object extensible by adding a strongly typed property bag of name/value pairs.
Public class GraphPathSerializationDictionary
Public class GraphPathSerializer
Public class GraphProperty Graph Properties are used to annotate a GraphObject, like nodes and links.
Public class GraphPropertyCollection
Public class GraphSchema
Public class GraphSerializationErrorEventArgs
Public class GraphSerializer GraphSerializer is used to serialize Graph objects.
Public class GraphTransactionCanceledException
Public class GraphUpdatedEventArgs Provides changes to a graph object


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration GraphErrorLevel
Public enumeration GraphGroupStyle Specifies the display state of an element.
Public enumeration GraphMetadataOptions
Public enumeration GraphSearchDirection
Public enumeration GraphSearchOption