MenuStrip Tasks Dialog Box

The MenuStrip Tasks dialog box provides convenient access to typical commands and property settings. Display the MenuStrip Tasks dialog box by clicking the smart tag on a MenuStrip control in the designer.

  • Embed in ToolStripContainer
    Click to put the MenuStrip into a ToolStripContainer instead of directly onto the form.

  • Insert Standard Items
    Automatically adds typical items for the selected control.

  • RenderMode
    Select System, Professional, or ManagerRenderMode as the ToolStripRenderMode for the control.

  • Dock
    Provides options that specify which borders of the control are bound to its container.

  • GripStyle
    Select Visible or Hidden for the GripStyle property.

  • Edit Items
    Displays the MenuStrip Items Collection Editor, from which you can set properties and add, remove, and reorder items.

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