How to: Specify Managed Code Rule Sets for Multiple Projects in a Solution

By default, all the managed projects of a solution are assigned the Microsoft Minimum Recommended Rules code analysis rule set. You can change the rule sets that are assigned to the projects of a solution in the properties dialog box for the solution.


By default, project code analysis is not run as a build step. To enable code analysis as a build step, see How to: Configure Code Analysis for a Managed Code Project.

To specify a rule set for multiple projects in a managed code solution

  1. In Visual Studio Premium or Visual Studio Ultimate, open the solution.

  2. On the Analyze menu, click Configure Code Analysis for Solution.

  3. If necessary, expand Common Properties, and then click Code Analysis Settings.

  4. You can specify a rule set for one or more projects.

    • To specify a rule set for an individual project, click the project name.

    • To specify a rule set for multiple projects, hold down CTRL and click the project names.

    • To specify all the projects in the solution, hold down SHIFT and click in the project list.

  5. Click the Rule Set field of a project and then click the name of the rule set that you want to apply.