Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.ExtensionEnablement Namespace

The types in this namespace support customization of domain-specific languages.

For more information, see Writing Code to Customise a Domain-Specific Language.


  Class Description
Public class CommandExtensionAttribute MefMetadata wrapper Attribute that declaratively declares the Command Group and position of a Command Extension in the Context Menu for a Dsl.
Public class ExtensionEnablementConstants
Public class ExtensionRegistrar<T, TMetadataView> Lazy Mef Importer class that : 1. Imports parts that export the type T. 2. Ability to provide a filter.
Public class ExtensionRegistrarBase<T, TMetadataView> The base class for regular extension registrar and special case for validation registrar
Public class ValidationExtensionRegistrar Base class for an ExtensionRegistar that can register Validation Extensions


  Interface Description
Public interface ICommandExtension Implement and export this interface from a MEF extension to provide a menu command for modeling diagrams.
Public interface IExtensibilityLogger Logging interface for extension registrars.
Public interface ILinkedUndoContext Use BeginTransaction to group a sequence of operations in one transaction.
Public interface ILinkedUndoTransaction A transaction allows you to group together operations on the UML model store, so that if any of them fails, the whole group is rolled back. After the transaction is committed, the user can undo the whole group with a single undo command.
Public interface IMenuCommand Determines whether the command appears on the menu.