Configure features after a TFS upgrade

After a TFS upgrade, you’ll want to use the new features that were installed. Some of these features might require updates to your team project. The Configure Features wizard is the easiest way to make this happen.

Do you have a lot of team projects that need to be updated? If so, you can apply updates programmatically with the steps provided in this Microsoft blog post: How to Configure Features for dozens of team projects.

Run the Configure Features wizard

  1. If you're not a team project administrator, get permissions. Only project administrators or TFS administrators can run the wizard.

  2. Open the administration page for your team project from a supported browser (http://ServerName:8080/tfs/CollectionName/ProjectName/_admin).

  3. If you see a Configure Features link, run the wizard.

    Verify features can be configured

    If you don't see this link, your features have been enabled.

  4. If you receive a message similar to the one shown below, you can configure your team project. If more than one process template is available, accept the recommended version.

    Updated team project with unconfigured features

    If the dialog box doesn't contain a Configure option, then you’ll need to apply the updates manually.

  5. In most cases, the wizard will configure all the new features and you'll receive a success message.

    Success message upon configuring features

    Occasionally, the wizard will partially update your team project and return error messages that require resolution. Make a note of the errors that you receive and perform manual updates to resolve each error.

If you encounter a problem in any of these steps, check if there’s an answer in one of these forums: Team Foundation Server Setup or Team Web Access.

Post configuration steps

Apply updates manually

When the wizard is unable to update a team project, it will return a message indicating that there are no process templates available to support the update.

Configure features wizard returns error messages

When this occurs, you’ll need to perform some manual updates according to one of the following options:

Learn about the new features

With your team project updated, you can start using the features that you just enabled.

Do you want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes during the TFS upgrade and Configure Features update processes?