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Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Server.Compatibility
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Server.dll)


<ClientServiceAttribute(ComponentName := "TeamBuild", RegistrationName := "Build",  _
    ServiceName := "BuildService3", CollectionServiceIdentifier := "427febc8-f703-482b-9f79-bfe1bb4631bc")> _
<WebServiceAttribute(Namespace := "",  _
    Description := "Team Foundation Build web service")> _
Public NotInheritable Class BuildWebService _
    Inherits BuildWebServiceBase
[ClientServiceAttribute(ComponentName = "TeamBuild", RegistrationName = "Build", 
    ServiceName = "BuildService3", CollectionServiceIdentifier = "427febc8-f703-482b-9f79-bfe1bb4631bc")]
[WebServiceAttribute(Namespace = "", 
    Description = "Team Foundation Build web service")]
public sealed class BuildWebService : BuildWebServiceBase
[ClientServiceAttribute(ComponentName = L"TeamBuild", RegistrationName = L"Build", 
    ServiceName = L"BuildService3", CollectionServiceIdentifier = L"427febc8-f703-482b-9f79-bfe1bb4631bc")]
[WebServiceAttribute(Namespace = L"", 
    Description = L"Team Foundation Build web service")]
public ref class BuildWebService sealed : public BuildWebServiceBase
[<ClientServiceAttribute(ComponentName = "TeamBuild", RegistrationName = "Build", 
    ServiceName = "BuildService3", CollectionServiceIdentifier = "427febc8-f703-482b-9f79-bfe1bb4631bc")>]
[<WebServiceAttribute(Namespace = "", 
    Description = "Team Foundation Build web service")>]
type BuildWebService =  
        inherit BuildWebServiceBase 
public final class BuildWebService extends BuildWebServiceBase

The BuildWebService type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method BuildWebService



  Name Description
Public property Application Gets the application object for the current HTTP request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property Container Gets the container for the component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public property Context Gets the ASP.NET HttpContext for the current request, which encapsulates all HTTP-specific context used by the HTTP server to process Web requests. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property DesignMode Gets a value indicating whether the component is currently in design mode. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public property Server Gets the HttpServerUtility for the current request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property Session Gets the HttpSessionState instance for the current request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property Site Gets or sets the site of the component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public property SoapVersion Gets the version of the SOAP protocol used to make the SOAP request to the XML Web service. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property User Gets the ASP.NET server User object. Can be used to authenticate whether a user is authorized to execute the request. (Inherited from WebService.)



  Name Description
Public method AddBuildDefinitions Adds the [BuildDefinition] objects to the server. If the URI field is entered before being sent to the server, then it will be ignored. Duplicate build definitions cannot exist at the same path. Therefore, an exception might be thrown if this case is encountered. The add is transactional across all definitions so that if one add fails, then all of the adds fail.
Public method AddBuildQualities Adds the list of qualities to the target team project. The user performing the add must have the 'EditBuildStatus' permission in order to perform the action.
Public method AddProcessTemplates
Public method CreateTeamProjectComponents Creates the components that are required for having a team project.
Public method DeleteBuildDefinitions Deletes build definitions from the server that have URIs equivalent to those that are passed in as the array parameter. Definitions that still have builds associated with them, whether they're completed or queued and in the 'Active', 'Postponed', or 'InProgress' state, cannot be deleted. The dependent builds must be deleted before removing the definition.
Public method DeleteBuildQualities Deletes the specified build qualities from the target team project. The user performing this action must have the 'EditBuildStatus' permission on the team project.
Public method DeleteBuilds Deletes the builds that correspond to the given URIs. If a given build does not exist, then it is silently ignored. If this method does not throw any exceptions, then it can be assumed that the Build part of the delete went okay. Non-fatal errors such as test result deletion failures—other than permission problems—and drop location access issues are just logged to the event log and are not considered errors.
Public method DeleteProcessTemplates
Public method DestroyBuilds Destroys the builds that correspond to the given URIs. If a given build does not exist, then it is silently ignored.
Public method Dispose Releases all resources used by the MarshalByValueComponent. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public method Equals Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetAffectedBuildDefinitions Determines which, if any, build definitions are affected by the provided server items.
Public method GetBuildQualities Retrieves the build qualities that exist for the target team project. The user must have the 'GenericRead' permission on the target team project in order to view the build qualities.
Public method GetHashCode Serves as a hash function for a particular type. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetService Gets the implementer of the IServiceProvider. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public method GetType Gets the Type of the current instance. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method NotifyBuildCompleted Notify the server that the build with the provided URI has completed.
Public method QueryBuildDefinitions Queries the server for items that match the input [BuildItemSpec] objects. This method can be used to discover items by means of the path if the URI is unknown.
Public method QueryBuildDefinitionsByUri Queries for build definitions given a set of URIs. The server will return a definition for each valid URI in the array.
Public method QueryBuilds Given an array of [BuildDetailSpec] objects, this web method will return a result list of [BuildQueryResult] objects the same size as the input array. If no matches were found, then the [BuildQueryResult] object will just have empty lists.
Public method QueryBuildsByUri Queries builds by URI instead of by path with the provided options. A single [BuildQueryResult] objects is returned from the query, with a [BuildDetail] list the same length as the input URI array. If a particular URI does not match any builds, then the corresponding index in the resulting [BuildDetail] list will be null. The amount of data returned from the query is controlled by means of the options parameter.
Public method QueryProcessTemplates
Public method StopBuilds Stops in-progress builds with the provided URIs. If a build has already been completed, then it will be ignored and considered a success. The user performing this call must have the AdministerBuild permission to all team projects for which stops are being made.
Public method ToString Returns a String containing the name of the Component, if any. This method should not be overridden. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public method UpdateBuildDefinitions Provided an array of [BuildDefinition] objects, this method will update the build server definitions with the given data.
Public method UpdateBuildInformation Updates the build information according to the changes provided. All of the information involved in the changes is returned to the caller except for deleted nodes.
Public method UpdateBuilds Updates build details with the provided information. The user must have the AdministerBuild permission on the team project which contains the build in order to perform this action.
Public method UpdateProcessTemplates



  Name Description
Public event Disposed Adds an event handler to listen to the Disposed event on the component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)


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