Go to a specific point in a timeline

When you move to a specific point in the timeline, you make it possible to set keyframes at that point because the next time you move an object, a keyframe will record the changed property values.

To go to a specific time in a timeline

  1. Select the timeline from the Storyboard picker by clicking Open a Storyboard d4531c86-5048-481c-a1ca-29af202d28e7 under Objects and Timeline and then selecting a storyboard.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Drag the playhead 5626c9eb-40bb-450a-9ca1-3678e5abe429.

    • In the Playback controls, click the buttons to move frame by frame, or move to the first or last frame.

      Playback controls under Objects and Timeline


    • In the Playhead Position text box, enter the precise value, in MM:SS:xxx (minutes, seconds, milliseconds), of the time to which you want to jump.

      Playhead Position text box, reading 1.450 seconds


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