Both AfxFreeLibrary and AfxLoadLibrary maintain a reference count for each loaded library module.

BOOL AFXAPI AfxFreeLibrary( 
   HINSTANCE hInstLib  


  • hInstLib
    A handle of the loaded library module. AfxLoadLibrary returns this handle.

Return Value

TRUE if the function succeeds; otherwise, FALSE.


AfxFreeLibrary decrements the reference count of the loaded dynamic-link library (DLL) module. When the reference count reaches zero, the module is unmapped from the address space of the calling process and the handle is no longer valid. This reference count is incremented each time AfxLoadLibrary is called.

Before unmapping a library module, the system enables the DLL to detach from the processes using it. Doing so gives the DLL an opportunity to clean up resources allocated on behalf of the current process. After the entry-point function returns, the library module is removed from the address space of the current process.

Use AfxLoadLibrary to map a DLL module.

Be sure to use AfxFreeLibrary and AfxLoadLibrary (instead of the Win32 functions FreeLibrary and LoadLibrary) if your application uses multiple threads. Using AfxLoadLibrary and AfxFreeLibrary ensures that the startup and shutdown code that executes when the extension DLL is loaded and unloaded does not corrupt the global MFC state.


See the example for AfxLoadLibrary.


Header: afxdll_.h

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