Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Common Namespace


Class Description
Public class AdministrationPermissions
Public class AzureCloudAppProfile
Public class BuildCommonUtil
Public class BuildConstants
Public class BuildConstants.BuildStatus Obsolete.
Public class BuildContainerPath Provides utility methods for build container paths.
Public class BuildParameter
Public class BuildParameterException
Public class BuildParameterExtensions
Public class BuildParameterNotFoundException
Public class BuildParameterSerializationException
Public class BuildPath
Public class BuildPermissions
Public class BuildPropertyKinds
Public class BuildSecurity
Public class BuildSourceProviders This class encapsulates the list of well known providers and helper classes/methods for them.
Public class BuildSourceProviders.GitProperties
Public class BuildSourceVersion
Public class BuildWellKnownBatchIds Contains well-known identifiers for system-managed batches.
Public class BuildWellKnownGroups Contains security identifiers for well-known Team Foundation Build groups.
Public class DeploymentInformationTypes
Public class ErrorWarningTypes
Public class GatedCheckInErrorCode Provides access to the error codes returned by the server when a check in is gated.
Public class HostedBuildSettings Represents the information a TFS deployment needs to perform hosted builds
Public class InformationFields Encapsulates the built-in information node field names.
Public class InformationTypes Encapsulates the built-in information node type names.
Public class MachinePoolDefaults
Public class MachinePoolProperties
Public class PermissionStringConstants


Interface Description
Public interface INetFwPolicy2
Public interface INetFwRule
Public interface INetFwRules


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AzureDeploymentSlot
Public enumeration BuildConstants.BuildStatusIconID Obsolete.
Public enumeration BuildDefinitionSubscriptionType
Public enumeration BuildParameterType
Public enumeration BuildServiceHostLabStatus Enumeration used by the BuildServiceHost running in lab mode to indicate its operation status.
Public enumeration CleanupPolicy
Public enumeration DropType Identifies the type of build drop being used
Public enumeration NET_FW_ACTION_
Public enumeration NET_FW_PROFILE_TYPE2_
Public enumeration NET_FW_RULE_DIRECTION_
Public enumeration ServiceAction