Call this function within your control's DoPropExchange member function to serialize or initialize a property of type currency.

BOOL PX_Currency( 
   CPropExchange* pPX, 
   LPCTSTR pszPropName, 
   CY& cyValue  
BOOL PX_Currency( 
   CPropExchange* pPX, 
   LPCTSTR pszPropName, 
   CY& cyValue, 
   CY cyDefault  


  • pPX
    Pointer to the CPropExchange object (typically passed as a parameter to DoPropExchange).

  • pszPropName
    The name of the property being exchanged.

  • cyValue
    Reference to the variable where the property is stored (typically a member variable of your class).

  • cyDefault
    Default value for the property.

Return Value

Nonzero if the exchange was successful; 0 if unsuccessful.


The property's value will be read from or written to the variable referenced by cyValue, as appropriate. If cyDefault is specified, it will be used as the property's default value. This value is used if, for any reason, the control's serialization process fails.


Header: afxctl.h

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