/APPCONTAINER (Windows Store App)

Specifies whether the linker creates an executable image that must be run in an app container.



By default, /APPCONTAINER is off.

This option modifies an executable to indicate whether the app must be run in the appcontainer process-isolation environment. Specify /APPCONTAINER for an app that must run in the appcontainer environment—for example, a Windows Store app. (The option is set automatically in Visual Studio when you create a Windows Store app from a template.) For a desktop app, specify /APPCONTAINER:NO or just omit the option.

The /APPCONTAINER option was introduced in Windows 8.

To set this linker option in Visual Studio

  1. Open the project Property Pages dialog box. For more information, see How to: Open Project Property Pages.

  2. Expand the Configuration Properties node.

  3. Expand the Linker node.

  4. Select the Command Line property page.

  5. In Additional Options, enter /APPCONTAINER or /APPCONTAINER:NO.

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