ContainerItem Class

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Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse.dll)


Public Class ContainerItem _
    Inherits NamedItem
public class ContainerItem : NamedItem
public ref class ContainerItem : public NamedItem
type ContainerItem =  
        inherit NamedItem 
public class ContainerItem extends NamedItem

The ContainerItem type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method ContainerItem



Name Description
Public property CompressKeyField Whether page compression should be applied to the key field.
Public property CompressSurrogateKeyField Whether page compression should be applied to the surrogate key field.
Public property DimensionUses
Public property Fields
Public property FriendlyName The Friendly Name. (Inherited from NamedItem.)
Public property GenerateAnalysisSchema Whether to generate / update analysis database schema based on this metadata.
Public property GenerateETL Should this item be included in the auto-generated ETL for the relational warehouse? If it is not included a stored procedure will not be generated to populate this item.
Public property GenerateWarehouseSchema Whether to generate warehouse schema based on this metadata.
Public property HandleDuplicateKeys Whether the logic for adding entries to the database should expect entries with duplicate keys and handle them in some appropriate way.
Public property KeyField
Public property KeyFieldName
Public property Name (Inherited from NamedItem.)
Public property PerformUpdateChecks Whether to perform an equality check on all fields before deciding to update them. Uses the database collation when it compares string fields, which uses case-insensitive for TFS. Therefore, will usually *not* propagate case changes.
Public property PerformUpdateChecksCaseSensitive Whether to perform an equality check on all fields before deciding to update them, and use case-sensitive checks on string fields so case changes are propagated.
Public property SurrogateKeyField
Public property SurrogateKeyFieldName Name of field that stores warehouse-specific ("surrogate") key. Defaults to "__ID" for backward compatibility, although in new metadata we expect it to always be set explicitly.
Public property Translation (Inherited from NamedItem.)



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Public method AddField
Public method Clone (Inherited from CloneableItem.)
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Public method GetField
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Public method IsWellFormed (Overrides NamedItem.IsWellFormed().)
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Public method ShouldSerializeDimensionUses
Public method ShouldSerializeFields
Public method ShouldSerializeTranslation (Inherited from NamedItem.)
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Public method TryRemoveField Removes the field that has the specified name.


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