WarehouseJobExecutionDetails Class

Contains current run-time state of the given job: LastRun - result of the previous run (if available), this information is composed from the Job History table CurrentRun - current status, if the job is currently active (JobsRunning or JobsQueued) NextRun - information about the next time that the job is scheduled to run, if the job is not currently running, but as an active schedule

Inheritance Hierarchy


Namespace: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse
Assembly: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse.dll)


Public Class WarehouseJobExecutionDetails _
    Inherits WarehouseJobBase
public class WarehouseJobExecutionDetails : WarehouseJobBase
public ref class WarehouseJobExecutionDetails : public WarehouseJobBase
type WarehouseJobExecutionDetails =  
        inherit WarehouseJobBase 
public class WarehouseJobExecutionDetails extends WarehouseJobBase

The WarehouseJobExecutionDetails type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property CurrentRun
Public property ExtensionName (Inherited from WarehouseJobBase.)
Public property ExtensionNameSpecified (Inherited from WarehouseJobBase.)
Public property JobId (Inherited from WarehouseJobBase.)
Public property JobIdSpecified (Inherited from WarehouseJobBase.)
Public property JobProcessingStatus ProcessingStatus for this job ProcessingStatus is calculated from the TeamFoundationJobState, job type and internal job properties.only jobs in the JobsRunning state contribute to the state: Scheduled and JobsQueued are treated as Idle jobs that are in the Scheduled bucket are not running, but scheduled to run in the future, their ProcessingStatus will be set to Idle. JobsQueued jobs are ready to be executed, and are waiting for a JobRunner to pick them up. Because they are not actualy executing, the ProcessigState for them will be None, the same as for the Scheduled jobs.
Public property LastRun
Public property Name (Inherited from WarehouseJobBase.)
Public property NextRun



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