New features enabled for Team Web Access

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By installing the latest version of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS), you can access new features in the web portal or Team Web Access (TWA).

Some features show up automatically, but others only show up after they’ve been enabled using the Configure Features wizard. The wizard automatically tries to configure all available features that haven’t yet been enabled.

To start using the features that the wizard enables, see the following topics.


New features

TFS 2013.4

See Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 (2013.4) RC.

TFS 2013.3

Test Plan and Test Suite: New work item types (WITs) are added to support customization of test plans and test suites. These additions occur when you run the TFS Upgrade Wizard for TFS 2013.3. They do not require you to run the Configure Feature wizard.

The enhancements support:

  • Test plans and test suites are now work item types (WITs). You can add fields, change the workflow, and customize them like any other work item type.

  • The area path security model now contains permissions to Manage test suites. The Manage test plans permissions has been re-scoped to manage only test plans. Previously it covered permission management of both test plans and test suites.

  • The History field for test-related artifacts now provides a consolidated view of changes made to work item fields as well as changes to related artifacts such as test points and test configurations. A new field, the Test Suite Audit field, available in the test suite work item form, captures and displays these related artifact changes in the work item history.

The server upgrade automatically converts existing test plans and test suites to WITs and migrates test data and links. If it encounters a problem, a warning message appears in the server log. To learn more, see Update a team project manually to support test management.

To learn about changes introduced to Test Manager and Team Web Access, see Plan manual tests

TFS 2013.2

TFS 2013

Q & A

Q: Where can I get the latest released version of TFS 2013?

A: Go to the Visual Studio downloads.

Q: What other features were added with the upgrade of TFS 2013?

A: See What’s New in Planning and Tracking.

Q: What other features were added with the upgrade of TFS 2012?

To use some of these tools, you’ll need to be added to the Advanced access group in TWA.

See also What’s New in Planning and Tracking (2012 version).