Just-In-Time, Debugging, Options Dialog Box

To access the Just-In-Time page, go to the Tools menu and click Options. In the Options dialog box, expand the Debugging node and select Just-In-Time. This page allows you to enable Just-In-Time debugging for managed code, native code, and script. For more information, see Just-In-Time Debugging.

You can enable Just-In-Time debugging for these program types:

  • Managed

  • Native

  • Script

Just-In-Time debugging is a technique for debugging a program that is started outside Visual Studio. You can run a program created in Visual Studio outside of the Visual Studio environment. If you have enabled Just-in-time debugging, a crash will display a dialog box that asks if you want to debug.

Associated Warnings

When you visit this page of the Options dialog box, you might see a warning message like this:

Another debugger has registered itself as the Just-In-Time debugger. To repair, enable Just-In-Time debugging or run Visual Studio repair.

This message occurs if you have another debugger, possibly an older version of Visual Studio debugger, set as the Just-In-Time debugger.

Another message that you might see is as follows:

Just-In-Time debugging registration errors detected. To repair, enable Just-In-Time debugging or run Visual Studio repair.

If you see either of these warnings, Just-In-Time debugging with Visual Studio 2012 requires Administrator privileges until you have fixed the problem. If you try to enable just-as a non-administrator under these conditions, you will see the following error message:

Access is denied. Have an administrator enable Just-In-Time debugging, or repair your installation of Visual Studio.

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