SccRename Function


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This function renames a file in the source control system.


SCCRTN SccRename(  
   LPVOID pvContext,  
   HWND   hWnd,  
   LPCSTR lpFileName,  
   LPCSTR lpNewName  


[in] The source control plug-in context structure.

[in] A handle to the IDE window that the source control plug-in can use as a parent for any dialog boxes that it provides.

[in] The fully qualified file name of the file being renamed.

[in] The fully qualified new name. If the directory path is different, then the file has moved from one subdirectory to another.

Return Value

The source control plug-in implementation of this function is expected to return one of the following values:

Value Description
SCC_OK The renaming operation completed successfully.
SCC_E_PROJNOTOPEN The project is not open under source control.
SCC_E_FILENOTCONTROLLED The file is not under source control.
SCC_E_ACCESSFAILURE There was a problem accessing the source control system, probably due to network or contention issues.
SCC_E_NOTAUTHORIZED The user is not authorized to complete this operation.
SCC_E_COULDNOTCREATEPROJECT The project could not be created as part of the renaming process.
SCC_E_OPNOTPERFORMED The operation was not performed.
SCC_E_NONSPECIFICERROR An unspecified or general error occurred.


This function can be used to rename a file or move it from one location to another in the source control system. The source control plug-in should not attempt to access the file on disk. It is the IDE's responsibility to rename the local file.

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