How to: Programmatically create a meeting request

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This example creates a meeting request in Microsoft Office Outlook and sends the request to a required attendee.

Applies to: The information in this topic applies to VSTO Add-in projects for Outlook. For more information, see Features available by Office application and project type.


private void ThisAddIn_Startup(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    Outlook.AppointmentItem agendaMeeting = (Outlook.AppointmentItem)

    if (agendaMeeting != null)
        agendaMeeting.MeetingStatus =
        agendaMeeting.Location = "Conference Room";
        agendaMeeting.Subject = "Discussing the Agenda";
        agendaMeeting.Body = "Let's discuss the agenda.";
        agendaMeeting.Start = new DateTime(2005, 5, 5, 5, 0, 0);
        agendaMeeting.Duration = 60;
        Outlook.Recipient recipient =
            agendaMeeting.Recipients.Add("Nate Sun");
        recipient.Type =
Private Sub ThisAddIn_Startup(ByVal sender As Object, _
 ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Startup
    Dim agendaMeeting As Outlook.AppointmentItem = CType( _
        Me.Application.CreateItem(Outlook.OlItemType.olAppointmentItem),  _

    If agendaMeeting IsNot Nothing Then
        agendaMeeting.MeetingStatus = _
        agendaMeeting.Location = "Conference Room"
        agendaMeeting.Subject = "Discussing the Agenda"
        agendaMeeting.Body = "Let's get together to discuss the " _
            & "agenda."
        agendaMeeting.Start = New System.DateTime( _
            2005, 5, 5, 5, 0, 0)
        agendaMeeting.Duration = 60
        Dim recipient As Outlook.Recipient = _
            agendaMeeting.Recipients.Add("Nate Sun")
        recipient.Type = Outlook.OlMeetingRecipientType.olRequired


    End If
End Sub

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