DirectAnimation Samples

DirectAnimation comes with a wide variety of samples that show you how to use DirectAnimation from different host languages. The samples are heavily commented and can be used as an extension to the documentation. The samples come with a pool of media files, including MIDI, 3-D model, image, video, and sound files. These are used by the SDK samples and are available to use in the DirectAnimation content only.

DirectAnimation is released as an integrated component of Internet Explorer 4 minimal installation. This provides unprecedented animation and multimedia capabilities built into a major Internet browser (no special download is needed). Furthermore, DirectAnimation is integrated with DHTML, and hence is especially suitable for adding compact and lightweight animation effects to Web pages.

DirectAnimation is the component of the DirectX family of APIs that provides rich animation and integrated media support for Web pages, CD-ROM titles, and multimedia applications. DirectAnimation provides a unified and comprehensive support for the different media types, including: 2D vector graphics, 3D graphics, sprites, audio, video, and a rich time and event model that applies uniformly across the different media types. DirectAnimation is a COM API and an underlying engine/run time.  Different user groups can access it in different ways:

  • HTML authors can integrate animation using the DirectAnimation controls.

  • Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), JScript™ users, and Java applet writers can program animation for Web pages with integration with DHTML.

  • Java, Visual Basic, and C++ programmers can develop ActiveX controls or full applications with rich media and interactivity.

Building SDK Samples