For more information about RPC, see in Networking and Distributed Services.

RPC Samples Directory Tree

The RPC directory contains several sample RPC distributed applications.

Sample (Directory) Description
Callback Fibonacci number implemented as static callback.
Cluuid Manager entry point vector sample.
Data\DUnion Discriminated union.
Data\InOut Directional attributes.
Data\RepAs Represent As attribute.
Data\Xmit Transmit As attribute.
Dict Client-server transaction processing.
Doctor RPC version of Eliza-like therapist program.
Dynept Dynamic Endpoint demonstration.
DynOut Client managing connection via dynamic endpoints.
Handles\Auto Auto handles.
Handles\CxHndl Context handles.
Handles\UsrDef User-defined handles.
Hello Print a string "Hello, World" on the server.
Interop Demonstrates OSF DCE RPC and MS RPC interoperbility.
Mandel Mandelbrot set Windows sample.
Mazelord Networked 3-D maze game.
NS\CDS Gateway protocol for DCE CDS name service.
NS\NHello Classic "Hello, World" sample using name service.
Pickle\PicklP Procedure serialization (a.k.a. pickling).
Pickle\PicklT Data type serialization (a.k.a. pickling).
Pipes Use of the [pipe] attribute.
RPCssm RPCss/m memory package sample.
RPCsvc A Windows NT system service which uses RPC.
StrOut Dynamically allocated strings with [out] attribute.
WHello Windows version of "Hello, World" sample.
Wintyp A client-server bitmap processor.
Yield Demonstrate yield capability for MS Windows 3.x.

Source File Naming Conventions

The source files within each directory (with the exception of the Windows samples) follow this naming convention:

Filename Pattern Description
Readme.txt Instructions to build, run the sample
<dirname>.idl Interface definition language file
<dirname>.acf Application configuration file
<dirname>c.c Client main program
<dirname>s.c Server main program
<dirname>p.c Remote procedures
Makefile Nmake file to build Windows NT or Windows 95 version
Makefile.dos Nmake file to build MS-DOS version
Makefile.win Nmake file to build Win 3.x version

The Microsoft Windows sample programs use several additional files and do not conform to this naming convention. See the Readme.txt file in each directory for specific information about the files.

DOS and Win3.x Builds

When building client applications on MS-DOS or Windows 3.x, you first need to install the Microsoft Visual C/C++ version 1.5 development environment and the 16-bit RPC SDK on your Windows NT or Windows 95 machine.

There are two different versions of RPC.h for MS-DOS and WIN 3.x. Please add the proper path to your INCLUDE environment variable.

Building SDK Samples