Project Workspace Files

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When you create a project workspace, a project workspace file ProjectName.dsw is created to store information at the workspace level. Other associated files are also created, including a project file (.dsp), for building a single project, and a workspace options file (.opt).

The workspace options file stores settings such as those you specify in the Project Settings dialog, and the layout of the project workspace.

Notes   If you work in a group, you can put the project workspace file and project files under source-code control and share them with other members of your group so that they can build the projects defined in the project workspace. However, you should not share the workspace options file (.opt) because it contains information specific to your computer. A new workspace options file is created automatically when the workspace is opened and no workspace options file is found. If you are using exported makefiles, you should not share these files. Other users can share the project workspace (.dsw) file and project (.dsp) file, but they should export the makefiles locally.