Searching for a Message

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You can search for a specific message by using its handle, type, or message ID as search criteria. Any one of these criteria ? or a combination ? is valid search criteria. The initial direction of the search can also be specified. The fields in the Message Search dialog box (shown below) will be preloaded with the attributes of the selected message in the message log.

Message Search Dialog Box

To search for a message

  1. Arrange your windows so that Spy++ and an active Messages view are visible.

  2. From the Search menu, choose Find Message to open the Message Search dialog box.

  3. Drag the Finder Tool to the window that you want.

    – or –

    If you know the window handle of the message you want, type it in the Handle box.

    – or –

    If you know the message type and/or message ID you want, make a selection using the Type and Message boxes and delete the entry in the Handle box.

    You can clear any fields for which you do not want to specify values.

  4. Type the message type, or message ID to search for.

  5. Choose Up or Down for the initial direction of the search.

  6. Click OK.

If a matching message is found, it is highlighted in the Messages view window.

*Tip* To reduce screen clutter, select the Hide Spy option in the Find Window dialog box. This removes the main Spy++ window and leaves the Find Window dialog box visible on top of your other applications. The Spy++ main window will be restored when you click OK or Cancel, or by clearing the Hide Spy option.